Progressive Plan

Trading basics
Together with the curators, you will build levels and channels and form this sacred skill of a trader for life.
Working with signals
Find and create your trading signals, and curators will check them.
Technical analysis tools
Using indicators and graphic figures, you will predict the market movement and open trades on time, maximising profits.
Constant feedback
Together with curated traders, you will analyse successful and erroneous transactions.
Trader experience
You will understand the trading strategies of successful traders “first hand” online. You can combine them and take the best for your trading.
Own trading system
Define your trading style. Build a unique system of risk management and decision-making.
What will you get as a result?
Master technical and volumetric analysis and work it out in practice.
Choose the suitable trading instruments for you, which will bring the necessary profit with controlled risks.
You will be able to make informed trading decisions on your own.
Master the method of analysis “Richard Wyckoff” and learn how to find the best moments to open deals.
Learn how to create a trading algorithm, clearly plan actions, and find entry/exit points in transactions.
Learn to apply indicators and oscillators, build trends and channels, and use trading patterns and figures.
Create a personal trading strategy and an effective risk management system and get feedback from a professional trader.
Increase the number of profitable trades, and learn to control risks.
Master the trading of crypto-currencies and get acquainted with options and futures for crypto-currencies.
Reinforce your acquired skills.

Course program:

  • 01
    Trading terminals
  • 02
    Principles of a successful trader
  • 03
    10 commandments of a good speculator
  • 04
    Trendlines and channels
  • 05
    Corrections: percentage and Fibonacci
  • 06
    Trading patterns
  • 07
    Trading algorithm
  • 08
    ATR indicator
  • 09
    Risk management
  • 10
    Trend indicators
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
    Margin call
  • 15
    The order of building trading systems
  • 16
  • 17
    Building your trading system
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Stephanie T.
Stephanie T.

Do you know what’s really cool? The Aventigo Academy allowed me to combine motherhood and earnings! My child is only a month old, and I have already earned my first thousand euros after the “Progressive” course!

Reply to  Stephanie T.

Thank you, Stephanie! You are the coolest mom in the hood! We wish you success and achievement of results.

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