Cutting-edge Plan

Introduction to cryptocurrencies
At the beginning of the course, we will get acquainted with cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin.
Types of cryptocurrencies
We will talk about the main cryptocurrencies, altcoins, and stablecoins, and define several divisions of cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrency wallets
Let’s analyse the types of cryptocurrency wallets, find out where you can store cryptocurrency in addition to exchanges, and why it is better to choose one or another method of holding money.
Crypto exchanges
We will study cryptocurrency exchanges and how they differ from stock exchanges and brokers, analyse the features of some exchanges, and select reliable and liquid ones.
Types of trade
Let’s analyse the spot and margin types of trading in the cryptocurrency market, as well as futures and options.
Market condition
We will talk about the state of the cryptocurrency market, the sequence of trends, and the correction in the market.
Building levels
Let’s analyse how to build support and resistance levels on a cryptocurrency and outline the features when trading them.
Technical analysis
One of the most important lessons is technical analysis! We will study the basic concepts of technical analysis and its application in the cryptocurrency market.
Volume analysis
We will study the volumetric analysis types and analyse the advantages of its use in the cryptocurrency market.
Open interest
Let’s analyse what open interest is and how its analysis helps in trading.
Deal calculation
We will learn how to calculate the entry point to a position and set notifications in the screener for cryptocurrency pairs.
Bull and bear traps
Let’s analyse the patterns of movement of the cryptocurrency market, consider the bear and bull traps, and how to use oscillators for trading.
Features of trading altcoins
We will discuss the features of altcoin trading, what to look for, and what services to use for analysis.
Let’s discuss how the nature of the cryptocurrency market differs from the stock market and understand the need for risk, money, and time management when trading cryptocurrency.
What is the cryptocurrency cource suitable for?
Those who want to make money on crypto.
Those who seek to receive higher returns than on conservative instruments.
Those who are now afraid to trade on the stock exchange and do not want to depend on it.
Those who are tired of making mistakes and draining the deposit and want to fix it.
Those who want to master a highly effective crypto trading strategy and make money on it.

Course program:

  • 01
    Introduction to cryptocurrencies
  • 02
    Types of cryptocurrencies
  • 03
    Cryptocurrency wallets
  • 04
    Crypto exchanges
  • 05
    Types of trade
  • 06
    Market condition
  • 07
    Building levels
  • 08
    Technical analysis
  • 09
    Volume analysis
  • 10
    Open interest
  • 11
    Deal calculation
  • 12
    Bull and bear traps
  • 13
    Features of trading altcoins
  • 14
  • 15
    Other ways to earn money
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Eric O.
Eric O.

It is possible to be a professional trader at any age and level at the beginning of the journey! Our desire to learn is the key to success. I am happy I found the Aventigo Academy and took the “Cutting-edge” course. It was worth it!

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Reply to  Eric O.

Thank you, Eric! We are proud of our programs and are glad that students meet all their needs there!


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What is a trend-following?

2 / 45

What are the support and resistance?

3 / 45

What is the horizontal line on the left and on the right shows?

4 / 45

What is a Fundamental Analysis?

5 / 45

What is the theory for technical analysis based on?

6 / 45

What is a sell limit?

7 / 45

What are the 2 currencies involved in Forex transition?

8 / 45

What is a PIP?

9 / 45

How do you call a 1000 units in trading?

10 / 45

What does going Short mean?

11 / 45

What are the main trading sessions?

12 / 45

What is the difference between a bid rate and an ask rate?

13 / 45

The foreign exchange market is:

14 / 45

How to use Fibonacci retracement?

15 / 45

Why are Fibonacci ratios used?

16 / 45

What is Fibonacci Extension?

17 / 45

What are traders using to find the potential reversal points?

18 / 45

Candlestick trading provides us with insight regarding:

19 / 45

What is the Candlestick anatomy?

20 / 45

What does it formed when the session’s open and closing prices are at - or near - the session high?

21 / 45

What is the exact opposite to Marubozu?

22 / 45

What is a hammer?

23 / 45

What is a shooting star?

24 / 45

What is a bullish pattern?

25 / 45

When will become the signal stronger?

26 / 45

What are the two candlestick signals?

27 / 45

What is Tweezer Tops?

28 / 45

What is the Evening Star?

29 / 45

What is the three white soldiers?

30 / 45

What is a Three Inside Up?

31 / 45

What is the Falling three method?

32 / 45

What is a rising wedge?

33 / 45

Where you can see what the price has set support?

34 / 45

Where can be observed a bullish continuation pattern?

35 / 45

What indicates a neutral chart pattern?

36 / 45

When does it form a symmetrical triangle?

37 / 45

What is the descending triangle?

38 / 45

What is a falling wedge?

39 / 45

What is the bearish pennant?

40 / 45

What is a bear flag?

41 / 45

What is a bull flag?

42 / 45

When is the inverse head and shoulders appear?

43 / 45

What is Head and shoulders?

44 / 45

What is Double bottom?

45 / 45

Chart formation patterns analyze:

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