How to Short Stocks

How to Short Stocks In “The Big Short,” hedge fund managers Michael Burry and Steve Eisman correctly predicted the collapse of the US housing market. They used investment vehicles called credit default swaps to bet against mortgage-backed securities. This bet is the aforementioned “Big Short” — an investment that makes money when the price of […]

How to Use Scanners

How to Use Scanners A trader can have all the textbook knowledge of the markets, but they will never profit if they cannot find setups in real-time. Stock scanners are how we see those setups. Before stock scanners existed, traders would trade off a master watch list which they would make by manually going through […]

How to Use Hotkeys

How to Use Hotkeys The advantage is that hotkeys allow you to get into trades quickly and, more importantly, get out of trades rapidly. When you set up hotkeys, for the most part, you design them for quick exits. When you enter trades, most of your entries are well thought out. You usually prepare your […]

How to Use Multiple Time Frames

How to Use Multiple Time Frames What are charting time frames? Any modern charting package will have several time frames for you to pick from. A time frame is an interval that creates a new price bar. For example, a 5-minute bar means a new candlestick/bar is made every 5 minutes, representing 5 minutes of […]