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1 / 45

What is a trend-following?

2 / 45

What are the support and resistance?

3 / 45

What is the horizontal line on the left and on the right shows?

4 / 45

What is a Fundamental Analysis?

5 / 45

What is the theory for technical analysis based on?

6 / 45

What is a sell limit?

7 / 45

What are the 2 currencies involved in Forex transition?

8 / 45

What is a PIP?

9 / 45

How do you call a 1000 units in trading?

10 / 45

What does going Short mean?

11 / 45

What are the main trading sessions?

12 / 45

What is the difference between a bid rate and an ask rate?

13 / 45

The foreign exchange market is:

14 / 45

How to use Fibonacci retracement?

15 / 45

Why are Fibonacci ratios used?

16 / 45

What is Fibonacci Extension?

17 / 45

What are traders using to find the potential reversal points?

18 / 45

Candlestick trading provides us with insight regarding:

19 / 45

What is the Candlestick anatomy?

20 / 45

What does it formed when the session’s open and closing prices are at - or near - the session high?

21 / 45

What is the exact opposite to Marubozu?

22 / 45

What is a hammer?

23 / 45

What is a shooting star?

24 / 45

What is a bullish pattern?

25 / 45

When will become the signal stronger?

26 / 45

What are the two candlestick signals?

27 / 45

What is Tweezer Tops?

28 / 45

What is the Evening Star?

29 / 45

What is the three white soldiers?

30 / 45

What is a Three Inside Up?

31 / 45

What is the Falling three method?

32 / 45

What is a rising wedge?

33 / 45

Where you can see what the price has set support?

34 / 45

Where can be observed a bullish continuation pattern?

35 / 45

What indicates a neutral chart pattern?

36 / 45

When does it form a symmetrical triangle?

37 / 45

What is the descending triangle?

38 / 45

What is a falling wedge?

39 / 45

What is the bearish pennant?

40 / 45

What is a bear flag?

41 / 45

What is a bull flag?

42 / 45

When is the inverse head and shoulders appear?

43 / 45

What is Head and shoulders?

44 / 45

What is Double bottom?

45 / 45

Chart formation patterns analyze:

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