Aventigo is an award-winning, accredited provider of financial trading education. We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted trading skills educators, putting your needs first in everything we do.

Our curriculum and teaching approach develop students’ creativity, resilience, and practical skills to enhance their employment opportunities or financial trading markets.

Aventigo mentors develop its curricula and utilise the diversity within its student community to maximise the effectiveness of its courses and enhance the experience for all students.

We inspire students to be achievers and to be able to apply learned knowledge in a real-world environment, understanding the fundamental and practical aspects of trading.

We spread education, tools, and support for every step in your journey to becoming a day trader.


Feodor Traychev Lukov

Feodor is the Aventigo CEO — a results-oriented and globally-minded leader with 15+ years of experience in the trading educational sector. For Feodor, a strategic and collaborative team and trading community development are vital.

As the main face of the academy, Feodor’s goal is to provide a high-quality yet affordable education in the field of the stock exchange. With a wealth of practice in managing similar projects and personal experience as an active trader, John knows what the students need.

Office Manager

Katarzyna Zabawa

Katarzyna is an Aventigo office manager — a dynamic and goal-driven professional with 8+ years of experience in office management, supervision, and administration.

She aims to provide comprehensive support to the CEO and office to ensure compliance with company objectives. In other words, Katarzyna does everything to ensure that the office, being delighted, can meet the needs of students.

Content Manager

Gia Lin

Gia’s area of responsibility is to ensure all content is Aventigo’s on-brand, consistent in style, quality, and voice, to effect a consistent user experience across all channels.

She adheres to a content strategy that supports marketing initiatives and works with marketing and communications specialists to determine which methods will help achieve Aventigo’s goals. Gia is a creative problem solver with an artistic sensibility who comes well versed in new media!

Account Manager

Ivan Petrosevic

Ivan is an account manager with 5+ years of experience leading negotiations and managing the agency-client relationship.

In Aventigo, Ivan develops knowledge of the company’s services and pricing structures, increasing upsells. He transforms customer feedback into actionable insights that drive revenue, increase student loyalty, and improve processes.

Customer Support

Hannah Ellis

Hanna is an energetic customer service representative with 5+ years of experience resolving complex customer requirements. She’s passionate about building strong customer relationships, driving Aventigo brand loyalty, and increasing customer engagement.

Also, she manages issues and resolves student complaints in person, via email, and by phone. A satisfied disciple is Hanna’s main goal and merit!

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